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 Here at Dr hu acupuncture centre we supply a wide range of services to all our customers. Here is our range提供服务项目有):

Free  Consultation 免费咨询

 1.Chinese  Acupuncture  针灸   Weight Loss

 2.Chinese  Acupressure(Medical Massage) 点穴

 3. Chinese  Medicine ( Chinese Herbs, Powder or Granule and Chinese patent medicine )  中药(中草药,浓缩粉剂或颗粒和中成药),养元堂育发液和毛发营养修复液批发(百年老字号纯中药制剂),足疗图和经络穴位图批发等

 4.  Herbal Viagra 中药壮阳性药

 5. Chinese (Tui na)  Massage 中国推拿,保健按摩,  and  Swedish  Massage (masseuse/lady massagist) 瑞典按摩

 6.Chinese  Reflexology  (Foot Massage) 足疗

 7.  Ear Candle  耳烛

 8.  Chinese  Cupping  Therapy  拔罐疗法

 9. Chinese Skin Scraping(Gua Sha) Therapy  刮痧疗法 10.  Backbone Relaxing  Massage 踩背按摩

 11. Chinese  Cosmetics(Beauty)  中医美容

 12. Chinese  Facial  Massage 脸面部美容按摩

 13. Lamp Therapy  神灯理疗

 14. Health care and Rehabilitation (Recovery)  Therapy (Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy) 医疗养生保健和康复理疗

 15. Chinese Moxibustion 艾灸

 About Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 关于中医药)

Chinese Medicine is a medical system which originated in China 5000 years ago, of great benefit to health care in China, East Asia and other countries for a long time, and continuing today. Now Chinese Medicine is adopted and welcomed in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, the EU, South Africa and many other countries.   

Chinese Medicine has its own special theory which was formed since the time of the Huangdi neijing (a medical canon in 3rd century B.C. of similar age as the Hippocratic Corpus in Greece). It has been complemented, and proven by an ever-increasing summation of clinical experience that its theory is practical and effective in the prevention and treatment of diseases. This theory is based on the analysis and comprehensive utilisation of Yin-Yang, Wuxing (5 elements or phases, i.e. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) and Qi (air and energy) which are ecological medical laws, a synthesis of the results of observation of natural phenomena, human society and the human body. The knowledge of biomedicine, social medicine, psychology and ecological environmental elements is combined so that Chinese medicine becomes a holistic, natural, harmonious and balanced medical system.

The treatment of Chinese Medicine mainly includes herbs in a formula form, acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina (Chinese massage), diet and Qigong (meditation, special exercises such as Taiji etc.) under the direction of Chinese medical theory. A Chinese medicine practitioner usually chooses one or more of the above methods to treat patients, according to the individual needs of the patient at a one-to-one consultation.

About Us(关于我们)

 专业医生介绍 Professional  Dr Introduction:

 Dr  Hu,河南郑州市人。现为英国伦敦中医药中心诊所主诊大夫(英国胡医生针灸中心);英国中医药学会会员,英国中医管理委员会会员。出身于中医世家,自幼受到医学的熏陶。学习毕业于河南医科大学(现郑州大学医学院)和河南中医学院,从事中西医结合临床10余年。曾工作于河南医科大学第一附属医院,河南省武警总队医院,郑州市人民医院等,对常见病、多发病以及一些疑难杂症和康复治疗有独到见解和医疗经验,并善于研究、学习和治疗,竭诚为广大患者服务。自2005年来英后,一直在伦敦地区中医诊所,从事中西医结合医疗、预防、养生保健、康复理疗、研究等工作,创立‘‘胡氏推拿按摩法’’,提倡中西医结合现代化发展新思路,为人类健康长寿探索新方法。弘扬中医药文化,体现中医药特色,让中医药走向全世界;让全世界人认识中医药,接受中医药,感受中医药的神奇疗效,把中医药发扬光大。

Dr Hu, was born in ZhengZHOU city of Henan Province in China. He is a professional doctor working in Chinese Medicine Center Clinic in London, UK(Dr Hu Acupuncture Centre). Dr Hu is a member of ATCM, UK(The association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK), a member of CMC, UK(Chinese Medicine Council UK)etc.

Dr Hu has been influenced by the Traditional Chinese Medical family since he was a child as he was born in this family. He was  graduated in Medical college of Zhengzhou Uninversiy (Henan Medical Uninversity) and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) University of Henan in China. He has been a Practising integrated TCM and Western Medicine doctor for more than10 years. He used to work in the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Medical University, Armed police corps hospital in HENAN province, Peoples hospital of zhengzhou and so on. Dr Hu is very good at treating common ailment, encountered disease , some difficult cases and rehabilitation treatment with his own original ideas and treatment experiences. He also likes studying hard , learning and treatment from different diseases. His aim is to try his best to serve for all.

  • Dr Hu has worked in the Chinese Medicine Clinic in London, UK. Practising TCM and Western Medicine doctor since 2005. He also use this combined way for Health problems,  Medical treatment, Prevention of diseases, Health protecting and Care, Rehabilitation, Studying and so on.Found a new Fan's Tui na massage way,Dr Hu has always try his best to  promote the  Traditional Chinese Medical and Western Medical way together to develop new ideas and explore new approaches for human's good health and a long life as it is the modern medical developing way .
  • 一.Functions of  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine(针灸和中药作用): 

    1.Strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors,

    2.Adjust Yin and Yang blance,

    3..Get through venation/break through Meridians(Qi channels or energy),

    4.Improve Immunity,

    5.MEN Tonic (Strong) body,WEIGHT LOSS.

    6.Adjust  organs  function,

    7.Improve circulation,

    8.Relieve pain and relax muscles,

    9.Health care for life,etc.

    二.Functions of massage,Tuina(推拿按摩作用):

    1.Get rid of stress,

    2.Improve blood circulation,

    3.Get rid of tiredness,

    4.Good for your memory,

    5.Get rid of insomnia,

    6.Relax the muscles,

    7.Health care for life ,etc.

    三.Functions of Reflexology(足疗作用):

    1.Improve blood circulation,

    2.Stimulate Metabolism,

    3.Improve Immunity,

    4.Adjust blood pressure,

    5.Get rid of tiredness,

    6.Get rid of insomnia,

    7.Good for digestion,

    8.Get rid of stress,

    9.Elimination of toxicant,

    10.Health care for life ,etc.




    175 cricklewood broadway.london.NW23HT.02084527276

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